Oven Chain Lubricants

NiMAC is a leading supplier of synthetic base fluids for use in high temperature oven chain applications. These base fluids range from trimellitates to high performance synthetic esters specifically designed to evaporate at high temperatures rather than leave deposits upon decomposition.

The Inolex Lexolube NSF HX1 base fluids are not compromised on performance despite their NSF HX1 status, where possible they are formulated to exceed the performance characteristics of premium high quality industrial base fluids.

Our base oils have several performance features, notably;

  • Exceptionally high in use temperatures of to 300°C
  • Very low residues upon evaporation
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Highly oxidatively stable
  • Excellent solvency to help maintain clean chains
  • Several have NSF HX1 status

Correct lubrication is essential to maintain the optimum working life of the chain. By utilising the correct base fluid your customers high temperature oven chain lubricants can benefit from;

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved productivity by having a reduced downtime caused by mechanical failures
  • Cost savings generated by the reduced power consumption due to the higher lubricity
  • Uncompromised premium industrial chain fluid performance by a NSF H1 incidental food contact high temperature oven chain lubricant.