Fatty Alcohol

Fatty Alcohols are widely used in surfactant, in the form of fatty alcohol ethoxylates, fatty alcohol sulfates and fatty alcohol ethoxy sulfates. They are commonly found in personal care, oral care, laundry detergents, dish washing liquid, surface cleaners, cosmetics creams and lotions.

Other industrial application includes anti oxidant, falvour & fragrances, fabric softener, plasticizer, metal working and agro chemical intermediate.

Ecorol 6 Fatty Alcohol C6  - 1-Hexanol, Hexyl Alcohol
Ecorol 8 Fatty Alcohol C8 - 1-Octanol, Octyl Alcohol
Ecorol 10 Fatty Alcohol C10 - 1-Decanol, Decyl Alcohol
Ecorol 12 Fatty Alcohol C12 - 1-Dodecanol, Lauryl Alcohol
Ecorol 14 Fatty Alcohol C14 - 1-Tetradecanol, Myristyl Alcohol
Ecorol 16 Fatty Alcohol C16 - 1-Hexadecanol, Cetyl Alcohol
Ecorol 18 Fatty Alcohol C18 - 1-Octadecanol, Stearyl Alcohol
Ecorol 80 Fatty Alcohol C8C10 - Octyl Decyl Alcohol
Ecorol 24 Fatty Alcohol C12C14 - Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol
Ecorol 26 Fatty Alcohol C12C16 - Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol
Ecorol 28 Fatty Alcohol C12C18 - Blend of Lauryl, Myristyl, Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol
Ecorol 68 Fatty Alcohol C16C18 - Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol