Straetmans HighTac

Established in 2003 as a spin-off from Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH,  Straetmans High TAC GmbH focus‘s on research and development to provide customers with novel and innovative products relating to their core competencies of biocidal preservation and corrosion inhibition for the paints / coatings industry and for the lubricants / metalworking industry.

Straetmans High TAC GmbH offers a wide range of products for lubricants / metalworking. There are biocides and preserving agents, additives for water miscible and non water miscible metalworking fluids, neat oils, greases, corrosion preventives and special application products.

The focus for the paints and coatings industry is mainly in corrosion inhibition. Here Straetmans High TAC GmbH offers products for different applications such as flash rust inhibitors, organic iron & steel inhibitors for miscellaneous water and solvent based systems as well as corrosion inhibitors for aluminium / aluminium alloys and other metals.