Adipates are low viscosity diesters with a typical viscosity range of 8 – 27 cSt at 40°C. Adipates have low pour points, high flash points, low volatility, good oxidation stability, good solvency and good detergency properties. These diesters are typically used as basestocks which require excellent low temperature properties, biodegradability is desired or high temperature cleanliness is critical, such  applications include textile lubricants or high temperature oven chain lubricants. Adipates are also used in combination with PAO’s in applications such as gear oils, compressor oils, crankcase oils and hydraulic fluids. Adipates are also used as lubricant additives to improve additive solubility or as a seal swell component in gearbox oils.

Sebacates are similar to adipates except the carbon chain length of the dibasic acid is longer causing the viscosity index to be higher and improved lubricity characteristics. Sebacates are typically more expensive than adipates and are used where lubricity is an important factor.

Phthalates are aromatic diesters with a typical viscosity range of 38 - 85 cSt at 40C. Their ring structure greatly reduces the viscosity index and reduces their biodegradability. Phthalates are typically used in reciprocating air compressors where a low cost clean lubricant is desirable.

Our product range includes;

Di isodecyl adipate (DIDA) 15 cSt 50
Di isotridecyl adipate (DTDA) 27 cSt 50
Di 2-ethylhexyl adipate (DOA/DEHA) 8 cSt 20
Di isodecyl sebacate (DIDS) 21 cSt 80
Di isotridecyl sebacate (DTDS) 34 cSt 10
Di 2-ethylhexyl sebacate (DOS/DEHS) 12 cSt 35
Di isodecyl phthalate (DIDP)  38 cSt 75
Di isotridecyl phthalate (DTDP) 85 cSt 75