Polyalkylene Glycols (PAG's) are uniquely suited for a number of manufacturing and industrial applications. They offer high viscosity indexes, low volatility, friction reduction, deposit control and are shear stable. 

PAGs are primarily used in compressor fluids, gear oils and hydraulic fluids. PAG's generally have a low pour point which enables some grades to be used at temperatures down to -50°C. As they are wax free cooling the product to below its pour point will not affect them.

Water soluble PAG's  Can be used in metal working, compressor, gear and calender lubricants when manufacturing and formulating various water soluble products. Specifically of interest in water based fluids where the PAG's inverse solubility allows the PAG to come out of solution to lubricate at the elevated temperatures at the cutting/forming interface.
Water soluble,high viscosity PAG's. Typically used in fire resistant water-glycol hydraulic fluids as a thickener. Suited for high temperature lubricants, quenching fluids, metal working and textile lubricants.  
Water insoluble PAG's A water in-soluble product for use where a water free environment is needed. They are used in applications such as gear lubricants, metal working formulations, compressor and textile lubricants.