Corrosion Inhibitors

Millions of pounds worth of damage is caused each year by corrosion due to inadequate or incorrectly specified corrosion protectives. NiMAC promotes a comprehensive range of corrosion inhibitor additive packages, backed up by performance data, to enable you to manufacture high quality, application focused, temporary protectives.

Thin Film Temporary Protectives

The Adichem AG corrosion inhibitor additives can be used to formulate emulsion, solvent and oil based temporary corrosion protectives. Many of Adichems thin film protective additives are multifunctional and offer characteristics such as dewatering, demulsification, vapour phase inhibition and lubrication properties making them ideal for use as assembly fluids, prelubes and metalworking fluids where lubrication and corrosion protection are combined.

In some cases, the overall protection might need to be provided by a combination of protectives, such as a multifunctional dewatering protective coating in combination with a VCI (vapour phase corrosion inhibitors) outer wrapping.

Solvent Borne Outdoor Protectives

The Waxcoat corrosion inhibitor range of colloidal sulphonate and oxidate soaps are additives that offer long term protection of ferrous metal. The Waxcoat range are hydrophobic film formers that provide a tough, thixotropic, flexible barrier capable of offering protection of ferrous parts in aggressive salty and/or humid environments.

The Waxcoat range of long term corrosion preventives have a high solids content and a high solids melting point, leaving a thick waxy film on the parts to be protected. These long term protectives are typically used in automotive applications, steel rope dressings and rust protective paints.

The Waxcoat corrosion inhibitors are used in the paint and outdoor corrosion control industries as multifunctional additives such as viscosity modifiers, filler pigments and pigment dispersants. The Waxcoat key performance characteristics are:

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Flexible self-healing film
  • High solids melting point
  • Resistance to abrasion and cracking at low temperatures
  • Long term corrosion protection
  • Thixotrophy

The Waxcoat corrosion inhibitors can either be used alone or blended with other corrosion inhibitors. 

Please contact us for advice on which additive we would recommend for your application.